UKRAINE - City break in Lviv

UKRAINE - City break in Lviv

An unforgettable weekend in the city of a hundred faces. For a few days we will present only some of them, which will surely leave an indelible mark.

The minimum number of participants
Cost per person
139 EUR
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Day 1:
Day 1:

It is the day when everything starts. With the full team on the board of a  public bus or train , we are leaving Krarow and going to Lviv, Ukraine. We stay in the heart of the city centre where we are going to sightsee and spend nights in the centre.

Despite the tiredness, we will visit the restaurant where we will be able to taste delicious beer brewed on site. But this is not the end of the day!  We’ve got a long night ahead of us – in plan:  night tour of Lviv, exploring its nooks and crannies and the most interesting sights. Then we will approach few  bars to get to know each other.

Day 2:
Day 2:

After getting some rest, we can start exploring the city. The day we start climbing on the scenic roofs of apartment buildings, hotels, shopping centers, etc., that from a distance you can look to the charms of the old town of Lviv.  Then you will have free time.

After that, we will start the evening by having dinner in the old Jewish restaurant which  offers one of the best liquors – “Sidelocksy”, but you will have to negotiate the price, cause you cannot find them on the menu! You will have to do some tasks to lower the price: clean the floor, dance, sing a song, kiss a waiter… anything in order to pay less!

But to make the evening even more interesting, we will move to the club, where most of Ukrainians have parties till dawn. Prices encourage people to stay longer there and the price of a shot of vodka starts from only  1 euro! For our night survivors, we can get to the top of the hill and watch the sunrise.

Day 3:
Day 3:

In the afternoon we leave the Lviv with a head full of unforgettable experiences!

  • 2 nights in the city center;
  • bus or train transfer from Krakow;
  • Lviv tour on the rooftops;
  • tour guide;
  • travel insurance
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