At your request we search for the most interesting, the most relevant and the most efficient tourist information, then present them as plan of your journey, which you realize as you like. We will deal with finding transportation (cheap flights, trains, car rental, buses, ferries, etc.), accommodation, excursions as well as providing info about local attractions, architecture, museums, restaurants, festivals, clubs, along with maps directions and prices. On your request we will make a reservation and booking.

How does it work in practice:

  • You want to go in a specific place – notifying us of the idea (eg. Japan , April, 1.5 week, 2 adults) and we do travel planningtravelme podroze szyte na maire, travelme tailor made tours
  • Do you want to go on vacation , but do not have a particular idea? We then suggest several directions of travel (eg, Latin America) and you leave rest of planning for us

Designing travel plan:

  1. The TravelMe  team contact the client and develope an outline plan
  2. You pay a deposit ( 50% of plan price)
  3. We proceed the planning. Depending on the task it takes from 2 to 7 days
  4. Through constant telephone contact, skype we consult plan changes with the client
  5. The plan is built with following parts:
  • Search for cheap flights and transport (trains, car rentals, buses, metro, trams, internal flights)
  • Hotels, hostels ,camps and other accommodation search
  • Mapping access
  • Preparation of detailed information about the trip (history, events, what to visit, museums, monuments, clubs, restaurants , pubs, avtivities)
  • Travel costs by details
  • Advices before departure – here we advise you what to take and what steps you should do ​​before departure (eg. vaccination, equipment, visa requirements, currency exchange, electricity, internet, telephones, etc.)

6.  After preparation of the comprehensive plan, we present it to the client for final approval. If you have comments we make  the necessary corrections
7.  On request, we can make the necessary reservations or leave it to the customer
8. TravelMe provides solid advices before and during your trip
9. Travel plans vary between  80 and 500 euros

Contact with the customer is done by :

  • telephone calls and e- mail
  • video Skype calls
  • individual meetings to discuss the offer (if accessable)

Please do not hesitate to contact us!