… This is what we like to do most ! With our help you design your individual journey that leads you from beginning to end by location and experience, which dreamed of for a long time . Your vision of your ideal departure plus our knowledge and experience – this combination will make every trip special!
As passionate about exploring the world of conscious, fully understand your ambitions and willingness to travel on their own. We know that many of you dislike the thought of an organized group tour and the following of a guide to the trite tourist “attractions”, where there is no room for spontaneous wandering of new lands . On the other hand, there are places where some of you would fear to go without professional support .
We compromise – individual travel to the selected location , during which they decide how much ” take in ” the same, and where you need our advice or help.
We operate as in Subway but in our ingredients are places , adventures , sports , monuments , nature, seas, lakes and more …

How we do it:

  • TravelMe szyte na miarę, podróze szyte na miarę, tailor made tours travelmeFirst you choose your destination – continent, countries – for ex. Southern Africa






  • TravelMe szyte na miarę, podróze szyte na miarę, tailor made tours travelme, szyte na miaręNext step is to swap all the information we have got. You tell us how you like to spend the time, what you like the most or whether you like to move from place to place rather than laying down on the beach. You mention if you want more cultural heritage, architecture or sports and leasure – more we know, better tour we create



  • TravelMe - jak szyjemy twoja podróżHere we approach your visions – we offer you draft of the tour plan. We also make a span of support. We prepare the travel plan which you realize step by step with our professional guides with private transport or if you wish on your own. Combinations of those are possible as well – You decide
  • After final approval from your site we valuate the tour
  • We sign the aggreement, payment is done you fly on your tailor made tours!