Tailor made tours – This is what we like to do most! With our help you design your individual journey that leads you from the beginning to the end by places and experience, which you have been  dreaming of  for a long time. Your vision of your ideal journey plus our knowledge and experience – this combination will make each trip unique. What we can…

 „Sweet home Alabama…” – with these lyrics you can start the trip of your lifetime. Have you ever dreamed of driving all over the United States, Canada and Alaska? Nothing simpler, because with TravelMe this journey is possible, even now. For us, visa is not a problem as well and of course we can help you to get one.

What we suggest… Let’s start in Florida with a camper, then visit New Orlean in swampy Louisiana and take part in blues festival. Look at the world’s largest McDonald’s, do bungee jump from the Grand Canyon edge and then win a bit of cash in Las Vegas.

Or maybe a combination of attractive beaches and snowy winters? We can move from LA to  San Francisco – the most beautiful city of the United States, next fly to Vancouver in Canada and hike in the Rocky Mountains in Alaska where northern lights can be spotted. Next stop, after just 4 hours flight we will get umbrella drink remembering glaciers at Hawaii sandy beaches.

Do you have another idea? Why not – it will be a great pleasure for us to realise your American dreams!

United States (including Hawaii and Alaska) – Canada