Tailor made tours – This is what we like to do most! With our help you design your individual journey that leads you from the beginning to the end by places and experience, which you have been  dreaming of  for a long time. Your vision of your ideal journey plus our knowledge and experience – this combination will make each trip unique. What we can…

Where is the beginning of Asia? Is it in Russia, or rather in Indochina? The boundary is smooth, and we suggest you start from lovly Georgia. Being there in September to see Caucasus in the winter mood, go with jeeps to the uppermost sediments in Mestia and spend a few nights at the Highlanders – to later look for tea in Batumi to jump into warm Black Sea.

We are going on asking how to bite the big China? The best idea is to try it piece by piece – we offer you to spend 3 weeks to feel the vastness and power of the major Chinese cities, follow the Silk Road, the ancient legends drain looming Yangtze River, or connect with the spirit of Tibet. The Middle Country fits perfectly with the idea of ​​individual travel planning for an intimate group of 2-8 people, which be carefully cared of our Chinese friend of a grateful and very Asian name, Tony.

Thailand. Quite extensively attacked by tourists in recent times, but do not worry – we will show you places that still look like Phi Phi Don from the movie The Beach, because, unfortunately, there is only a little bit of the climate of the island left. On top of that we will serve SPA in Cambodia and Lao jungle trip for those who like extremes.

Or maybe Japan and Israel? We will serve this oriental connection for you with engineering precision, liken the Dead Sea baths with hot springs in Nagano snow district, or Golgotha ​​and Hiroshima for people like hard topics. Ablaze shisha in the company of curious Palestinians, or feel the mystical atmosphere of philosophical conversations with hot sake. Or both, because why not to combine them?

Israel – Georgia – China – Russia – India – Thailand – Cambodia – Laos – Vietnam – Japan