Tailor made tours – This is what we like to do most! With our help you design your individual journey that leads you from the beginning to the end by places and experience, which you have been  dreaming of  for a long time. Your vision of your ideal journey plus our knowledge and experience – this combination will make each trip unique. What we can…

This continent is our favorite piece of bread. As we like to walk on the less trodden paths, we focus mainly on Africa located on the south from the equator. You keep exploring this part of the world and you are looking for the new experiences, so you can try rafting
along the raging Zambezi River, take a dip at the edge of the Victoria Falls, spend a night in a jungle camp in Zambia or you canTravelMe-podroze-szyte-na-miare-Afrykaa follow trails diamonds to fly single-engine aircraft at the end of one of the small private Mozambique islands and dive among the coral reefs.

As one of the few in the world, we also offer you the travel by train – African orient coffee – in the Civil environment, with the majestic name “Pride of Africa”​​. This five-star hotel on rails  takes you on a journey from the Cape of Good Hope, by Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, and the most comprehensive program – even to Egypt! Along the way you will visit the village of the natives, the postcolonial city, diamond mines as well as you will be impressed by the infinitude of Namibian desert, and on top of that you can play golf just after returning from a wild safari.

We expressly noted that, apart from the luxury places, we are ardent advocates of backpacking and travelling far at  low cost, so if you have a taste for travel in the style of wandering – here it means you will not be disappointed.

South Africa – Swaziland – Namibia – Botswana – Zimbabwe – Zambia – Mozambique – Malawi – Tanzania – Kenya – Madagascar – Seychelles